Some-bunny Loves You

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by Luke Thomas.

On Thursday, Nov. 16, the Strong family will come together to celebrate our two expectant mothers, Carrie Miller and Megan Cesnick.

Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at the shower planning, and learn more about these moms-to-be before the celebration.

Down the Rabbit Hole

If you hadn’t guessed from the invitation, the theme of Strong’s upcoming baby shower is Peter Rabit. Given that both Cesnick and Miller are expecting boys, the shower committee saw it as the perfect theme. But that answer wasn’t always so clear.

“We originally planned for a hot air balloon theme,” said Meredith Anderson, one of the shower committee members. “We had already started concepting, picking out décor, and had even gotten the first invitation proof back from Emily. Then, Grace saw an Instagram post over the weekend of Cesnick’s friends and family shower. The theme? Hot air balloons.”

So, the team returned to the drawing board. Anderson, along with Grace Hatcher, Beth Nichols, and Lisa Hall, switched gears and decided on a Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit theme.

“With two moms to celebrate, we hoped to make this one of the most creative showers yet,” Nichols said. “We’ve got surprises in store that we think will make this day really special.”

At the event, guests will enjoy treats like vintage décor and edible table arrangements.

But the pièce de résistance of this shower will be the specially-curated food. The fare was selected based on the cravings of the expectant mothers. Plus, this cuisine has never before been offered at Strong.

If you’d like to bring a gift, diapers are welcome. Tip: Babies won’t stay newborn size for long. Buying sizes 1–3 will make your gift go farther!

About the Babies

The first baby scheduled to arrive is Henry Dugan Cesnick on Dec. 26.

“Dugan is my husband’s middle name and was his grandfather’s name,” Cesnick said. “But I love the name Henry, so here we are. And for the record, no – he won’t be called Hank. It’s just Henry!”

Cesnick’s friends and family threw her a lovely shower in September, themed to – spoiler alert – hot air balloons. At the shower, she got to indulge guilt-free in her love for Big Spoon ice cream sandwiches. After all, it doesn’t count if it’s a craving!

Arriving right on the heels of baby Cesnick is Jackson Daniel Miller. The official due date for Carrie Miller is Jan. 13, but her doctor predicts that may move up to New Year’s Day.

For her family and friends shower, Miller’s loved ones hosted an ocean-themed party, as she and her husband have constructed an ocean-themed nursery.

As far as cravings go, Miller said she has experienced a pretty mild pregnancy.

“I wasn’t able to smell or eat bananas for the longest, which is crazy because I love bananas,” Miller said.


While we will miss these future moms when they’re away, we at Strong are thrilled to help celebrate these precious new additions.

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