Around the Agency: News Roundup

Check out the September news updates from around the agency! If you have updates you’d like included, make sure to submit them to your department’s story collector or manager.



  • Holly got promoted to Media Buyer.
  • Sheila has been playing a big role in the new Dealer Enrollment Program.



  • This month we have really dug into the process of creating the 2021 theme board.



Yenae has set an Accounting group goal to work smarter, not harder. Below are a few examples:

  • Deidra created a one-sheeter on how to create quicksteps and templates in Outlook for blanket emails. We all send the same emails each month. So, having a template is a quicker process than searching for and copying and pasting old emails.
  • LD did a training session on how to use Microsoft OneNote for Windows 10. We are able to share our notes with each other, and OneNote keeps our personal notes in one spot instead of a bunch of notebooks, Word docs, files on the desktop, etc.
  • We added an Accounting group calendar to Outlook so we can see each other’s recurring due dates, PTO, appts/meetings outside of our department, SAM 60s, or any other planned events we feel like sharing with the department via Outlook Calendar.


Account Team

  • Retail Ready is starting to pick up some traction with two accounts signing on full time with this service.
  • Rebekah Cook’s son Jude had his SECOND birthday this month! I know none of us can believe how fast time is going for her and Zac.
  • Nathan Phillips’ Baby Wyatt is walking now!

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