A Sticky Situation

zac's note

by Luke Thomas

Mischief has been plaguing the corridors of Strong Automotive Merchandising. From disappearing bobbleheads to forged sticky note summons, we’ve found ourselves in a truly sticky situation. This week, a few of the victims came forward. Here are their stories.

One of the first hoaxes of the day came from the department that specializes in finding errors – accounting. Early that morning, Charlene Meeks appeared at my desk with a salutation of “Reporting for duty, Mr. Luke.” Anyone who knows Meeks wouldn’t be surprised at that kind of jokey greeting, but when she handed me a sticky note that was ostensibly authored by me, I was perplexed. It said ‘Luke needs to see you ASAP,’ nothing more.

As the day unfolded, more notes appeared. Zac Cook returned from lunch to find a Malibu-Barbie-pink Post-It on his desk. This one also featured a ‘come see me’ message, but it was signed from ‘TL.’ There’s no one with those initials at Strong – trust us, we’ve checked.

“My first reaction was shock,” Cook recounted. “I wasn’t aware of the false post-it scandal circulating the company. Does anyone know a forensic handwriting analyst?”

These desk notes aren’t the only anonymous stickies that have appeared around the bathroom notebuilding. In late July, reports started flowing in that the women’s bathroom was littered with sticky notes touting positive messages. Investigative reporter Grace Hatcher took a camera to the scene to capture the collage of unauthored good vibes.

One of the last victims of the day was Kate Ray. Her prankster took it to a new level, leaving a note that said ‘Will you come see me, please? Gloria C.’

“The handwriting was TERRIBLE and not what I would expect Gloria’s handwriting to look like,” Ray said.

But she checked anyway. After learning that Cowan had not sent the note, Ray came up with a theory of her own.

“I blamed Will, duh,” Ray said. “He claims to have no part in it; however, a fellow production colleague pointed out the inconsistent large dotted i’s. When in doubt, always blame Will Giuliani.”

The mysterious sticky note bandit is still at large. If you’ve been a victim of a sticky, or any of the other strange happenings around Strong, let us know below!

2 thoughts on “A Sticky Situation”

  1. Someone left the Shawn Vaughn bobble head on my desk while I was at lunch. Very mysterious and no one was spotted hovering around my desk.
    Also, someone taped a picture of a super scary clown inside the last stall of the ladies room. Talk about terrifying!
    – Katie

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