Around the Agency: News Roundup

Team SAM has some exciting updates to share this August. Check out the news from around the departments in the article below! If you have updates you’d like included, make sure to submit them to your department’s manager or story collector.


Direct Mail is Picking Back Up

  • We shipped over 310k pieces of mail in July
  • Currently have over 307k pieces in the works for August (and that’s only as of the 11th).
  • Tier 2 Hyundai email broadcasts are starting back up here in August promoting the Epic Summer Sales Event. One of the markets broadcasting this month is the SoCal HDAA which is the largest Hyundai market in the country!
  • Thanks to Jason Clauer, we’ve also been endorsed by Kia at the Tier 2 level and have over 20 Kia dealers who’ve agreed to broadcast campaigns here in August. DC expects even more to come on board here in the next couple of weeks.


Production Sees the “Return of the Drone”

  • From Dennis: I don’t know how long it’s been since the last big shoot, but quite a while.  Production has begun providing shots of footage showing customers with and without masks. WCH is a third-generation dealership and is putting together a long-format video of history hosted by an 80-year-old father.
  • Animation From the Harte: The Harte dealerships are in a pandemic hotspot and have opted for creative with masked, animated look-alikes. They’ve seen success running TV during a tough time for the Northeast.


Moving On Up

  • Congratulations to Yenae and Zack for the recent, well-deserved promotions! Yenae is moving into the role of Accounting Manager, overseeing people and workflow, as Sheena shifts to focus on more big-picture accounting projects. Zack will also begin tackling bigger projects as our newest Sr. SEO Coordinator.

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