Reaching a Multilingual Audience

When you’re in the advertising business, you’re always looking for ways to make ads more effective. We spend countless hours adjusting strategy, A/B testing, and researching to find the best targeting. But one of the simplest things you can do to increase an ad’s response rate is to serve it in your audience’s mother tongue.

SAM Reaches Multilingual Audiences

While English is the predominant language in the U.S., you may be surprised to learn that it is only spoken at home by approximately 78% of the American population. This leaves a double-digit number of Americans who could be better reached in another language.

SAM recognized this opportunity to reach car buyers in the language that is most familiar to them. One of the more interesting languages the agency handles is Navajo. It is spoken primarily in the Southwestern U.S., especially in the Navajo Nation. Currently, only one client – Amigo Automotive – uses Navajo translations in its advertising. SAM works with each of the market’s three Navajo stations to provide 30-second English scripts that are then translated.

In the past, the agency has also handled pieces that were translated into Asian Indian languages for specific New Jersey markets.

Working With Hispanic Advertising

Of the multilingual advertising SAM has been involved with, Spanish-language ads are the most prevalent. The Production department works with a Hispanic talent agency to facilitate the ads. Typically, the talent agency sends SAM audio to edit together with our graphics. Recently, the team has begun working with two Hispanic spokeswomen to market to Texas and Florida accounts.

After assembling a spot, SAM outsources proofing to a trusted ally named Mohana Shull. She has been a partner of the agency for several years, and she provides valuable insight into the nuance of the language. Mohana checks the regional influences, specific dialects, and unspoken communication tendencies for a certain market region. She also provides suggestions for spelling and punctuation on the graphics, as well.

Since the agency does not currently employ an in-house Spanish proofer, partners like Mohana and the Hispanic talent agency allow us to keep a tight grip on quality control.

Hear Examples of Navajo Ads

Are you wondering what SAM’s Navajo-language ads sound like? You can listen for yourself here.

“The Navajo with Amigo has been a new experience,” said Traffic Manager Andrea Kring. “They market to different parts of the Navajo Nation with different styles of presentation. One is county, another rock-n-roll, and one just straightforward talk. No matter the style of their radio spots, they all feel amazing to hear in such a beautiful, ancient language.”