Bracelets and Bands

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by Luke Thomas.

So often, the employees of Strong Automotive use the talents they’ve cultivated to give back to others.

And this month, two members of the Strong family have worked to bring joy to others, all while practicing something they enjoy. Read on to learn how these ladies are making a difference.

Bracelets Are More Than Accessories

Anyone who’s had a conversation with AP/AR Specialist Lucy Thrailkill can tell she has a charitable heart. So it comes as no surprise that the colorful, handmade bracelets she sports symbolize something bigger than a fashion statement.

Thrailkill works with her 11-year-old granddaughter, Lucinda, to make and sell bracelets to support Blue Skies Ministries. This charity offers weeklong beach retreats to families combatting childhood cancer. During this hiatus, volunteers from the organization take care of everything from cooking to entertainment. The goal is to give families time to focus on fun times together, lifting them above the clouds of cancer.

lucy granddaughter edited.jpg
Thrailkill’s granddaughter, Lucinda, making bracelets


Lucinda regularly accompanies families on beach retreats as a volunteer and playmate for the children. She came up with the idea to create these bracelets to raise money for the trips, and so far she has raised more than $2,500.


Thrailkill is proud to stand by her granddaughter and sell, model, and support her in making these bracelets.

“I want to say a huge thank-you to everyone who has purchased one,” Thrailkill said. “The money has gone to a wonderful cause.”

To see Thrailkill’s stylish selection of bracelets, come by her desk. And if you see one you like, they’re just $5.

Homecoming: 100 Years Later

In a celebration of the past and the present, Content Marketing Assistant Kiara Cooper will be performing Friday, Oct. 13 at Wenonah High School as part of its 100-year celebration.


kiara colorguard
Team Captain Cooper pictured 2nd from left

The former color guard team captain will return as captain of the alumni team. The group has been practicing for several weeks now and will perform in collaboration with the school’s current color guard team.


“I’m super excited to hit the field again!” Cooper exclaimed. “It will be great to revisit a memorable time in my life and celebrate the history of the school.”

During Friday’s homecoming game, the alumni auxiliary team will perform alongside the alumni band in the stands for half of the show, while the current color guard and band will perform for the other half. The group has also put together a halftime show.

In addition to their time, each member of the alumni band and auxiliary group is donating money toward improving the WHS band program.

“The marching band needs new uniforms to wear out on the field,” Cooper said. “They’ve been performing in the same ones we’ve had for decades!”

The money raised will also go toward WHS’s upcoming trip to Washington D.C. The group was invited to perform in the capital city at the start of next year.

If you want to keep up with Cooper’s return to the field, keep an eye out for the video documentary she’ll be releasing soon.

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